Saturday, February 8, 2014

From Gene
I never thought that I would consider camping to be a luxury.  Well, I do now!  It is luxury compared to last night.  I felt like I needed a disinfectant after staying in that place!!  Had beef stroganoff for dinner!  The Lord prepared a table in the wilderness for us.  We start the classes tomorrow.  Pray for the classes.  We have 10-12 pastors and evangelist.
Love you

I tried to send a message but it wouldn’t go out.  I’m trying again.  Our classes went well today.

I want you to know that I am doing great!  No problems with my knees, hips or my back!  The sleeping arrangements are working fine.  The first night the air mattress went flat—had to keep pumping it up.  The next day we bought a thin mattress which was much better.  I have not shaved since I left Addis.  First of all, no hot water, no mirror.  Second, out here you don’t care!  The food is gourmet!  Beef stroganoff one day, lasagna the next!  The Lord has prepared a table in the wilderness!  Hope I can send this out!  I have been trying for 2 days, but the cell phone service is not good.
Love you lots

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